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Spiritual Guide and Healer

I'm Rachel Lord and I look forward to meeting with you.

About me:

I've been called "a healer of healers." I believe that fits. Other healers seek me out because the processes I employ are effective, impactful, and get right to the heart of the issues at hand. I serve as a reiki-certified healer, a teacher, a guide, a consultant and a spiritual life coach. Being spiritually-oriented and intuitive doesn't shield anyone from the effects of the energetic times we're in. Sages and spiritualists have been warning us for generations that the spiritually-attuned will feel the symptoms of the planet's ascension more starkly than those who still slumber.

My greatest joy is in connecting you to your spiritual team, deceased loved ones, your guides and your ancestors. Together, we release you from old traumas/PTSD, upgrade your DNA, cut any negative cords and connections, remove energetic blocks, align your chakras, and open a space for you to get direct and clear answers from spirit that serve your highest good. I offer readings from a variety of powerful card decks. As a lover and student of crystals, I can assist you in decoding the unique properties stones possess to enhance your growth and assist in your ascension. You’ll find a vast inventory of spiritual tools and beautiful crystals in my in-house shoppe — which I bless and anoint individually for and with you. I offer a wide selection of card decks, bracelets, necklaces, rings, art, intention vessels, pendulums, wands, stones, books and other essentials to equip you for success on your life’s path. For the more advanced practitioners, I perform spiritual processes like light weapon activation and soul retrieval sessions. Unleash your true essence as a sovereign master and experience a more healthy, happy and empowered life.


Today, I share the lessons learned on my own healing path and my discovery that life can be liberating, fun, joyful, sexy, abundant and peaceful – despite the dark nights of the soul everyone has experienced. I share my life with my husband and spiritual partner, Evan Lord, our dog, Isis, and with the countless loves of my life.



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